UPI Betting Sites

In this review of UPI betting sites, we look at the most trusted betting sites in India that allow users to make payments via UPI. Most online betting sites in Indian rupees accept UPI, which is the most commonly used digital payment system in India. Thus, the list of betting sites that offer UPI as a payment mode is constantly growing.

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Why Should We Choose UPI to Deposit on Betting Sites?

There are several reasons why we should choose UPI to deposit on UPI betting sites:

  • Most convenient: with more than 8000 banks and 500 million customers enrolled, UPI is the most convenient method of transferring funds from a user’s bank account to any UPI betting site. This is why you will find it at the majority of online betting sites in Indian rupees.
  • Safe: when we use UPI as a payment mode on UPI betting sites, we don’t have to provide personal details, such as credit number or billing address. UPI allows users to pay using a virtual address in a secure manner. Moreover, the RBI regulates UPI, making it a safe method of transferring funds. For this reason, a number of most trusted betting sites offer this payment option.
  • Trusted: UPI betting sites must adhere to laws and regulations relating to data protection. UPI includes SSL certification verification and other safety measures to protect your data from third party breaches and attacks.
  • Simple: you can use UPI to instantly transfer funds between bank accounts without using your credit or debit cards.
  • Personalised: UPI allows users to create a unique profile with one’s preferred betting activity or add one’s favourite betting site with an automatic withdrawal option for future wagers.
  • Confidential: when you use UPI, you need not share your account number, which remains confidential.
  • Speedy: you can complete a UPI online transaction within 30 seconds.
  • Saving on currency conversion fees: UPI frees you from worries about exchange rates or currency conversions.

Pros and Cons of UPI

These are the pros and cons of using UPI to make deposits on UPI betting sites.

What We LikeWhat We Don’t Like
👍 Instant transfer of funds👎 Delays due to validation time by betting sites
👍 Safe, regulated by RBI
👍 Low transaction fees

How to Deposit with UPI on a Betting Site?

You can deposit money at UPI betting sites with a few simple and easy steps. This goes for all the top 1 betting sites India.

  1. First, download a UPI wallet such as PhonePe or Paytm.
  2. Link your bank account to UPI and then select from various UPI betting sites.
  3. Create a new account at your preferred betting site and opt in for the welcome bonus that you can collect after meeting the terms.
  4. Choose ‘Deposit’ from the menu and from the deposit methods offered, choose the UPI payment option.
  5. You will see another page where you can choose between transferring funds to the bank account of the sportsbook operator or transferring them using the UPI ID of the operator. Enter the amount you wish to deposit.
  6. Next, enter the proof of transaction, either a unique reference number or a transaction ID.
  7. The process can be faster by uploading payment proof. This transfer receipt from UPI wallet is proof of the transfer to the betting site. Once this is uploaded in the selected field, the money is then credited in minutes.
  8. Finally, the bookmaker will verify the deposit, after which you can start betting and claim bonus

The amounts for minimum deposit betting sites India vary. So, check them out before making a payment.

UPI Betting Sites

How to Make Withdrawals on UPI Betting Sites

The withdrawal procedure at UPI betting sites involves a few simple and easy steps. Here is how to complete the instant withdrawal betting sites India.

  1. Log into your BHIM UPI.
  2. Click on ‘Collect Money.’
  3. Enter your virtual ID.
  4. Enter the withdrawal amount and the account you want to receive the funds into.
  5. Receive an SMS confirmation regarding the completion of the transaction.

Which Are the Top 10 UPI Betting Sites in India?

The following are the top UPI betting sites in India.

  1. Betway: a one-stop destination for pre-game and in-play betting markets, state-of-the-art casino games, and more.
  2. bet365: the site with a comprehensive live betting platform and a variety of betting markets.
  3. 1xbet: one of India’s most popular betting sites, with a wide range of sports betting and casino choices.
  4. 22Bet: a brilliant online casino and sportsbook option for Indian users, especially those who prefer to bet on the go using their phones.
  5. 10CRIC: a site designed with the Indian user in mind, making it the best cricket betting site in India.
  6. Parimatch: a reliable, time-proven betting company with an automated deal system for pre-match and real-time betting.
  7. Casumo: an award-winning online casino that also allows Indian users the opportunity to bet on all their favourite sports.
  8. ComeOn: a complete betting experience that combines a great live betting platform with a state-of-the-art online casino.
  9. Fun88: an online betting site that enjoys massive popularity in India.
  10. Rabona: a modern betting platform recently launched in India.

Apps That Accept UPI Payments

There are many apps that accept UPI payments. We list some of the most popular ones here:


Bharat Interface for Money (BHIM) is an app that allows users to make quick, easy, and simple payment transactions via the United Payments Interface (UPI). Users of BHIM can make instant transfers from bank to bank and both pay and receive funds using a Virtual Payment Address (UPI ID) or a user’s mobile number. The app has dedicated downloadable versions for Android and iOS devices.

A user can send money via BHIM using the UPI ID, bank account number, and a QR scan. A user can also receive money via BHIM by entering the UPI ID. Transfer of money via BHIM is also possible by using users’ mobile numbers.

Users must register their mobile numbers and link their bank account numbers with BHIM. Moreover, they can register multiple accounts with BHIM and switch instantly between accounts.

The BHIM app has multiple language options. It is currently available in 20 languages. Like all other UPI enabled apps, you can use the BHIM app to make recurring payments, such as electricity bills, mobile bills, and insurance premiums, among others.

Google Pay

Google Pay is a digital wallet used to send and receive money. However, unlike other digital wallets, Google Pay allows the payments to be received directly into a user’s bank account.

Though the primary function of the wallet is to transfer funds from account to account, you can also use it to pay for goods and services wherever UPI-based transactions are accepted. A user must link their bank account with Google Pay and set a UPI pin to use the app.

Google Pay is a multilingual app available in eight languages, accounting for its popularity in India. Users can do transactions using either mobile phones or via the UPI ID.


Paytm is a digital wallet approved by the RBI. You can add funds to the wallet using UPI, in addition to internet banking and debit/credit cards. Paytm connects to UPI via the BHIM UPI platform.

If users choose to fund the wallet by using UPI, they can save the bank UPI details to make transactions easier and faster. A user may choose to send money using a UPI ID. They need to open the Paytm app and enter the receiver’s UPI ID.

After that, they must enter the MPIN (a mobile personal identification number). Alternatively, the user may transfer funds by scanning a QR code or using the VPA or mobile number. Customers can send up to 100,000 INR using Paytm.


PhonePe is a payment app that allows users to use BHIM UPI to make instant payments online and offline stores. This is like Google Pay, but unlike Google Pay, where money moves from one bank account to another, PhonePe offers a wallet facility.

How Can You Transfer Money Using UPI Payment

There are several ways of transferring money via UPI. In this section, we look at them and discuss how you can deposit money on a betting site.

  • Enter a mobile number/ select a contact: you must first save the receiver’s contact number on your phone in this method. When you wish to transfer the funds, select the phonebook contact, enter the amount to be transferred, and enter your PIN. Your payment will go through within a few seconds.
  • Scan a UPI QR code: in this method, you must open the payment app such as Paytm or PhonePe, click on ‘Pay’ and select ‘QR code.’ Once you have scanned the receiver’s QR code, enter the amount you wish to pay. Next, enter your PIN, and the payment will go through in a few seconds.
  • Enter a UPI ID: In this payment method, open the payment app on your phone and enter the receiver’s UPI ID. Next, enter the transaction amount and your MPIN to verify the transaction. You will complete the payment within seconds.
  • Enter the receiver’s account number and IFSC: After you have entered the account number and IFSC of the receiver, enter the amount followed by your PIN. The payment will go through in seconds.

UPI Wallets VS Digital Wallets

Neither UPI nor digital wallets involve any transaction cost. However, UPI differs from digital wallets in the following ways.

  • Direct transfer of funds between sender and receiver: UPI facilitates the direct transfer of funds from the sender’s bank to the receiver’s bank. By contrast, a digital wallet only acts as an intermediary between the bank accounts of the sender and the receiver.
  • Virtual payment address: UPI uses a user’s virtual payment address and identity, while a digital wallet uses a user’s mobile number to identify the user.
  • Transfer limits: the UPI transfer limits can vary between 50 INR and 100,000 INR a day. In the case of digital wallets, non-KYC users can transfer up to 10,000 INR a day, while verified users can transfer up to 100,000 INR a day.
  • Transfers to individuals/ companies: this is always possible with UPI. However, in the case of digital wallets, transfers to individuals/ companies will depend on whether the wallet is an open wallet, a semi-closed wallet, or a closed one.
  • Payments at brick-and-mortar stores: UPI always allows such payments. However, very few digital wallets allow such payments.
  • Payment requests: UPI allows requests for payment. Very few digital wallets allow such requests.
  • Future transactions: future transactions are facilitated by UPI. However, with digital wallets, a user can only make instant transactions.
  • Bank to bank transfers: UPI facilitates bank to bank transfer of funds. However, this is not possible with digital wallets, which facilitate the transfer of funds between two accounts within the same digital app. In other words, for the transfer using a digital app, both the sender and the receiver of funds must have the app.

UPI Betting Sites FAQs

In this section, we answer some frequently asked questions regarding UPI betting sites.

Which Betting Site Accepts UPI?

Most reputable betting sites operating in India accept UPI as a payment mode. These include bet365, 1xbet, Betway, ComeOn, Parimatch, and Casumo, among others.

Is It Legal to Deposit with UPI on Betting Sites?

Yes, it is legal to deposit with UPI on betting sites. UPI, designed to facilitate instant transfer of funds from bank to bank via mobile apps, is regulated by RBI. Thus, UPI is a safe and legal way of depositing money to your betting account.

How Much Time Does It Take to Deposit Money via UPI?

You can use UPI to instantly transfer money from one bank account to another using your mobile phone. However, some betting sites use intermediary UPI accounts, allowing them to verify the transaction. In such cases, it could take a couple of hours for the deposit to be reflected in your sportsbook account.